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Social Systems Theory

A model based on mental systems
The social systems theory is based on the knowledge of the mental systems. This characteristic is due to the imperative need to explain social phenomena in the most rigorous and comprehensive way possible.

All the collective human manifestations at the level of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and results are the emergent property of the collective mental system, which is responsible for decoding the internal and/or external stimuli of the community under study.

In this sense, all the collective thoughts and emotions, which generate and guide all behaviors and social relationships, are a causal sequence that starts in the social mental system; specifically, in the collective belief subsystem of the protagonist community.  

Throughout this model you will be able to read, study, and investigate different types of social phenomena and you will notice that the most relevant explanatory variables are the associations of collective beliefs that define the particular personality of the social system and, as a consequence, the emergent social order.

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