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Teoría de los Sistemas Mentales. Autor: Juan Martín Figini
Mental Systems Theory
New and Expanded Edition
The purpose of this book is to offer a set of knowledge about the functioning of the mind and its effects on the particular manifestation of each human system.
The understanding of the mental systems can be achieved through a model, or theory, which provides a body of concepts and laws that enable us to explain all the mental phenomena and their implications for the body system and for the gestation of different types of emotions and behaviors.

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Decision Systems Theory
Based on the Mental Systems Theory, this book introduces the concept of decision system. The decision system is the mental program through which human systems determine their options of manifestation, which are restricted or enabled by certain endogenous and exogenous factors, and select the one they consider the most valuable, according to their structure of preferences. 

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Rousseau: alienación, falsa identidad y el rol social del líder consciente. Autor: Juan Martín Figini
Social Systems Theory
A model based on mental systems
The social systems theory is based on the knowledge of the mental systems. This characteristic is due to the imperative need to explain social phenomena in the most rigorous and comprehensive way posible.
All the collective thoughts and emotions, which generate and guide all behaviors and social relationships, are a causal sequence that starts in the social mental system; specifically, in the collective belief subsystem of the protagonist community.  
Teoría de los Sistemas Sociales. Un modelo basado en los sistemas mentales. Juan Martín Figini
alienation, false identity, and the social role of the conscious leader

This book was conceived to offer the readers a plausible interpretation of the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau’s most valuable writings: the Second Discourse, Emilie and The Social Contract.

These works were developed according to a perspective of human reality that gives us the possibility to understand contemporary society, transcending the historical moment in which they were written.


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