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Mental Systems Theory

New and Expanded Edition

The purpose of this book is to offer a set of knowledge about the functioning of the mind and its effects on the particular manifestation of each human system.

The understanding of the mental systems can be achieved through a model, or theory, which provides a body of concepts and laws that enable us to explain all the mental phenomena and their implications for the body system and for the gestation of different types of emotions and behaviors.

The harmonious relation between its variables and laws, and its corresponding application to the study and understanding of the real cases that it intends to cover, is what provides it with a positive value of a relatively high magnitude. The realistic understanding offered by this feasible theory is a consequence of the intellectual congruence of the model with the phenomenic structure of the mental reality and its corresponding realities.

The reading of this book will provide power to explain the mental phenomena, the emotional phenomena, and the phenomena of behaviors that, to a great extent, define the human experience.

Hardcover  ISBN: 978-1-5462-2713-7

Softcover  ISBN:  978-1-5462-2711-3

E-book  ISBN: 978-1-5462-2712-0

Mental Systems Theory: New and Expanded Edition


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